About us

The inventor of the FixChip, Tom Smeets, has 40 years of experience in mechanical woodworking.

At the age of 16, he started as a mechanical woodworker and progressed through work preparation to automating the production process.

In mid-2000, it was he who (at his former employer Helwig) brought about the revolution in the window frame industry by being the first to automate window frame production on a CNC continuous machine from work preparation.

After that, Tom has been an independent entrepreneur throughout Europe for almost 10 years, programmed CNC machines in the window frame industry. During the crisis of 2009, he set up a second company and became importer of PaletteCAD in the Netherlands and Belgium. PaletteCAD has now grown to 10 employees and is the market leader in the CAD/CAM combination for interior construction, which is partly due to the know-how of machine control.

He has handed over the day-to-day management of PaletteCAD to his son and an employee who also have the ambition to take over palettecad, Tom can do what he likes so much again, working with wood and production processes.